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Some feedback from our attendees

I found the diagnosis section most relevant for my studies and then going through the different assessment types was helpful to gain an understanding of the variety of resources we can use 

Info on screening and assessment tools, practical exercises re visual defects, all has been useful and beneficial, impressed how presenter able to meet vast range of experience

Great wealth of info from the presenter 

Practising the different kinds of assessments, especially the visual and perceptual/sensory assessments, it gave me more of an idea of what relevance it had to neurology and cognition and made me understand when/how I can use it myself, I also enjoyed the videos it really helped to distinguish between diagnosis and conditions 

The combination of refresher re types of deficits/conditions and practical session to apply the Ax methods, copy of n example of a screen, info of additional resources, networking with other therapists, knowledge and enthusiasm of presenter!

Practical components and reminder of why OT is relevant