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Research Projects

This page is dedicated to university students seeking participants to help contribute to their research. This might be in the form of completing a short online survey or maybe assistance in seeking candidates.

Please take the time to help our up and coming occupational therapy students, your help is greatly appreciated.

If you are interested in promoting your research please contact our office via email [email protected] to discuss further.

The use and implications of assessments and interventions by occupational therapists in inpatient mental health units

This study aims to explore the use of occupational therapy assessments and interventions in inpatient mental health units. By exploring this it will allow an expansion of the role of the occupational therapist in inpatient mental health on an international basis; will provide a selection of assessments and interventions that are being used; and will facilitate the development of best practice guidelines in the future. Please complete an online self-report questionnaire that will take approximately 10 minutes to complete.

If you would like further information regarding any aspect of this project, you are encouraged to contact the Chief Investigator– Dave Parsons via email [email protected]

Please click the link bellow to complete our survey 


Why did they leave, and where did they go?

We are a fourth year Curtin occupational therapy student group asking all individuals who have left or are taking a break from the Occupational Therapy profession to please share their experiences.  

We are looking for individuals who are no longer working as occupational therapists, and do not hold an occupational therapy general registration with the Occupational Therapy Board of Australia. 

If you or anyone you know fits this description please share and complete the survey (approx. 10-15mins to complete).  


For further information, please contact Ms Julie Brayshaw at [email protected] or 08 9266 3717 

Curtin University Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) has approved this study (HRE2022-0156). 

Seeking Occupational Therapists Who Manage Patients After A Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA)

Fourth year occupational therapy students conducting a research project to better understand the role of occupational therapy with TIA patients. We invite you to participate in a short 10 minute survey to help improve the Occupational Therapy care pathway for TIA patients.

Please consider to participate if you:

  • Are an occupational therapist registered with AHPRA
  • Involved in supporting TIA patients
  • In an acute hospital setting in any Australian state
  • Have a role in the emergency department/inpatient wards

Why take part in this study?

  • Help be part of improving the OT care pathway for TIA patients
  • Inform and guide occupational therapy best practice
  • Improve quality of care
  • Keep up to date with current best practice

Survey link https://datalibrary-rc.health.wa.gov.au/surveys/?s=A9EHEMH8D3CTWYFJ

For more information, please contact: Billie Corrigan (Senior Occupational Therapist) on 6457 2855 Lauren (Student) at [email protected]

This study has been approved by the Curtin University Human Research Ethics Committee (HRE2022-0103) and Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital Governance Evidence Knowledge Outcomes (QI number: 44031).

Want to help design an international student support program?

This is a study run by a group of fourth year occupational therapy students. We want to co-design a practical, social, emotional support program for international students in Curtin School of Allied Health.

We are looking for 12 international students (on a student visa), from Curtin School of Allied Health (occupational therapy, physiotherapy, speech pathology, social work and exercise science), who have completed at least 200 credit points of study and have computer and internet access.

You will collaborate with other international students and four Curtin University fourth year occupational year occupational therapy students to design a support program for international students within Curtin School of Allied Health by attending 5 co-design workshops.

Availability is required for approximately 2 hours each week throughout Curtin University mid-semester break and O-Week between the 20 June 2022 and 22 July 2022.

1 x Initial workshop to be attended in person at Curtin University, Bentley campus, which will involve a meet and greet with the team and an introduction to the online platforms “Microsoft Teams” and “Mural”.

4 x Co-design workshops will be conducted online using “Microsoft Teams” and “Mural”. Workshops will involve sharing of experiences as a student, generation of ideas through discussions and interactive
activities such as mind maps, storyboards and voting for decisions. We want it to be truly collaborative, so what we do and discuss is up to the group.

A student information pack and online questionnaire will be provided prior to workshops commencing.

We would like to run these workshops from 11-1pm on a week day. Let us know which option best suits you, using the contact information below or the QR code.

For more information contact Ms Julie Brayshaw via email at [email protected] or telephone number (08) 9266 3717.

Curtin University Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) has approved this study (HRE2022-0172).

BASE-MS Changing Behaviours towards Aerobic and Strength Exercise. Training needs for neurological occupational therapists

3 minute survey

Researchers at Murdoch Uni are creating new training content to prescribe exercise via telehealth. The training will be for physios, exercise physiologists and occupational therapists who work across all neurological conditions. What works well, what does the sector need to help you overcome any problems and what training needs do you have?

We invite you to take part in a 45-60 minute focus group, at a time convenient for you. Please take 3 minutes to fill in the online form. If you could also share with other neuro EPs, physios and OTs that would be brilliant.

More information: https://murdochuni.syd1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_9AXZ3CNUnse464m?fbclid=IwAR1dBv7A6gd_cV9i4lsa1C9nMylAq_26w_lMyp_VDiBL7HueG22raUUit5w

What helps and hinders autistic adults to participate in physical activity

We are a team of fourth-year occupational therapy student researchers, looking for autistic adults (18-65 years old), their families and supporters to help with our research. If this sounds like you or someone you know, we would appreciate your assistance! 

We are exploring what helps and/or makes it harder for autistic adults to participate in physical activity. Participants will be required to complete an online task involving the sorting of statements relating to participating in physical activity. This should take approximately 20 minutes. They will also be asked to complete two short online questionnaires, which should take approximately 10 minutes. By joining the study, participants are eligible to receive a voucher as a token of our appreciation. 

Follow this link to participate: https://bit.ly/Qsort_activity

For more information, please contact [email protected]

Curtin University Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) has approved this study (HREC number 2020-0076).