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Message from the Australian Government Department of Health

Aged care staff eligible to receive a COVID-19 vaccination in phase 1a include all people working at residential aged-care facilities who are responsible for resident care, support and services for residents, maintenance and administration.

This includes:
• nursing and personal care staff
• allied health professionals
• kitchen, cleaning, laundry, garden and office staff

These staff must be employed, hired, retained or contracted to provide services under the control of the organisation. This includes those employed through recruitment agencies and students on placement at a facility.

General practitioners (or GPs) and other health professionals who routinely provide care within a residential aged-care facility are also eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine as a part of phase 1a of the national COVID-19 vaccine rollout strategy.

Aged-care staff not eligible in phase 1A:
• those who provide care and services for the organisation on a volunteer basis
• care persons such as those who frequently and regularly provide care and companionship to an individual resident
• those who work on an infrequent or as needs basis such as plumbers, electricians, delivery people or health professionals
• those who only provide aged-care services in a community or home setting, including those aged-care services funded under the home care packages (or HCP) program or the Commonwealth Home Support Program (or CHSP)

Individuals who aren’t eligible to receive a COVID-19 vaccination in phase 1a can be vaccinated in a later phase of the national COVID-19 vaccine rollout.

People in phase 1a can choose to make a booking themselves via the Vaccine Eligibility Checker. If your employer or care facility contacts you after you have had your first dose, tell them you’ve already had your first dose at another clinic.

People in phase 1b can book their vaccination appointment via the Vaccine Eligibility Checker. The checker will first ask you some questions to confirm your eligibility. You can then use the checker to look up clinics near you that offer a COVID-19 vaccine and to book your appointment.

You can view and select clinic locations based on the postcode you enter.

If there are no appointments available, try again in a week or two. Available appointments will increase throughout the phase period.

If you prefer, you can directly contact a participating general practice or Commonwealth-led vaccination clinic to book an appointment.

If you’re part of a later phase, you can still use the Vaccine Eligibility Checker to register your interest in getting a vaccine. You will then receive a notification when the phase you’re in begins.

You can keep up-to-date on COVID-19 vaccine developments on the Australian Department of Health website, including priority groups and who will receive the first doses of the COVID-19 vaccine and how the COVID-19 vaccines will be distributed.

You can use the COVID-19 vaccine eligibility checker to find out when you can receive a COVID-19 vaccine.

You can also:
• Download the official Government ‘Coronavirus Australia’ app in the Apple app store or Google Play; or
• Join the WhatsApp channel on iOS or Android.

If you need to speak to someone, the National Coronavirus Helpline is also available on 1800 020 080. It operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week.