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Some feedback from our attendees

Experience and knowledge of presenters was great, very thorough understanding of theory and great use of examples and case studies

The “overarching nature” of approach ie various theories/frameworks/models, Liked how you approach each :situation” in a problem solving way and clinical reasoning to “draw in” what may be helpful, it helped “validate”/confirm aspects of my learning, NOT a “cookie cutter” approach that some parents had pushed for, venue was great, amount of “breaks” was good and balanced with the amount of content covered, thank you, keep doing what you do

The neuroscience behind regulation, rather than just sensory perspective

Loved learning new models and the variety of recommendations for further reading, passionate presenters who made me more passionate, good breaks and food, enjoyed the case studies

All of the new learning, opportunity for breaks/check in/self reg, examples related to trauma, adults and mental health

Practical examples, asking audience for case study examples, regulation breaks and tools, direction to resources for further learning