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Some feedback from our attendees

Practice + reflect x 2, understanding that each person has their own solutions/wisdom if we hold the space for them – useful practice as an OT

The practical aspects and providing feedback to each other, discussing our reflections as a group to learn from each other

The content of the course was presented in a manner that was practical and relevant, I liked how discussions became organically

Grahams teaching style and his ability to convey the information, good mix of discussion, practice

Having multiple opportunities to practise coaching skills and observing peers and their use of skills, additionally I LOVED how the presenter/program broke up the components of coaching to make it clearer and easier to bring together

The ability to practice the skills taught during the session and obtain feedback, the content was clear and provide insights into concepts that I hadn’t considered or learnt before specifically listening and the learning of internal dialogue and its role (this was a massive learning for me !)