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Executive Report

We held our Annual General Meeting on Tuesday 9th April and thank our members for their attendance. Members voted on and passed the 2018 AGM meeting minutes, 2018 President and Treasury reports. During the past year the Committee of Management worked hard for our members on numerous fronts including requesting the rules of Commonwealth Statutory Declarations be amended to allow for OTs to be added as authorised witnesses in their own right. This was amended in 2018. A working partnership with WAOTA and Dr Bess Fowler was formed in developing a register of OT Assessments and Outcome Measures accessible for our members. A Research Scholarship was provided by WAOTA for the initial stage and subsequently a second Research Scholarship was approved for the next stage of the OT Measures project.

During the past year, the Association has concentrated on professional development opportunities for members (which has continued to expand), networking and marketing. In 2018, financially, we made a profit, continued to support OT students of Curtin and ECU, and provided ongoing services and financial support to our Special Interest Groups and for professional development.

Tanya Lyttle retired as Vice President, we wish to thank Tanya for her enthusiasm and hard work and thank all the Committee of Management (COM) members for their valuable contribution and for continuing in their roles. Their quality and extent of their input for our Association is to be commended. We also thank Lorna Celenza (Administration Officer), Kim Vercoe (Finance Officer), Carolyn Earle (PD Co-ordinator), Greg Ledger (Auditor) and Greg Wolff (Solicitor) for their valuable contribution.

Cathy Thomas COM member and Convenor of the Private Practice Practitioners Proprietors Group has worked hard on developing an OT Upper Limb Specific Treatment Management Plan for use with Worker’s Compensation Clients as well as definitions and rules for consultation charges, reporting and consumables within the WorkCover WA fee schedule. We thank Cathy for her ongoing commitment.

Guild Insurance and HBF continued to support our Association by offering discount insurance for our members. WAOTA managed to secure a better deal with Guild for a new competitive fee scale for professional indemnity insurance.

We look forward to new members joining our Association, so please continue to encourage your colleagues and students to join WAOTA to enjoy the array of benefits open to it’s members. Prospective members can email their registration forms to Lorna on [email protected]