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Free Health Professional Support Network – Dr Margaret Potter

Dr Margaret Potter (FHERDSA, APAM) has established a free health professional support network. Please read below for more information.

Health professionals operate in a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous (VUCA) environment and this has been highlighted by the Covid-19 pandemic. However, regardless of the demands, we need to have the right focus and energy to do our best work!

This network has been established to encourage, invigorate, inspire and focus collective positive energy, not just on doing great work, but on sharing what we have learned. This network is open to health professionals from anywhere in the world. We meet virtually via Zoom from 3-4 PM (AWST) every 3-4 weeks and you can attend as often as you like for FREE! We discuss and share in areas such as; maintaining mental and physical well-being, self-management, dealing with change and uncertainty, facing up to fear and anxiety, fostering a ‘can do’ attitude, leading, building Emotional Intelligence, optimising teamwork and much more. In addition, we encourage members of the network to share any ideas, innovations or creativity that is proving successful in their workplace so that we all don’t feel compelled to re-invent the wheel!

Come prepared to listen; share insights; ask questions, and provide helpful advice  and insights on how to stay happy, healthy and productive. Our goal as a Community of Virtual Inspiration Developers (CoVID) is to lead by example in staying calm during adversity, sharing knowledge and providing support for collective benefit, and to keep smiling as we do the best we can with the time and resources available to us.

You can find the link at https://www.tellcentre.org/covid-support-network

If you want to become an Inspiration Developer email: admin@tellcentre.org