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Primary Health & Support Workers Mandatory Vaccination FAQs

Primary Health Care Worker (Restrictions on Access) Directions
Primary health care facility includes an allied health professional operated clinic but does not include premises at which a sole primary health care worker is providing a health service solely by telehealth and there is no attendance by a patient at the premises at any time

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Health Support Workers 
eg: administrative staff member including but not limited to a person working in administration, management or reception services

Department of Health – Access restrictions applying to Health Support Workers

• this includes administration staff refer to schedule 2, column 1

Department of Health – Mandatory vaccination FAQs

Fairwork – COVID-19 vaccinations: Workplace rights and obligations

includes for example:
• Can an employee refuse to be vaccinated?
• What happens if an employee refuses to be vaccinated?
• Can an employer take disciplinary action if an employee refuses to get vaccinated?

Fairwork – Alternative work arrangements

Fairwork Ph: 13 13 94 or use ‘Need Help’ chat function bottom right

13COVID (13 26843)