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My Health Record

Allied Health Professions Australia (AHPA) have provided a summary of what has or hasn’t changed to My Health Record, please click here for further information.

Be Prepared for the Expansion of My Health Record

This year, every Australian will get a My Health Record unless they tell us they don’t want one

Based on independent research, individuals have told us that the most acceptable channel to receive information about the My Health Record is via their healthcare providers. We therefore expect your patients and clients may come to you for advice about what a My Health Record means for them.

This communication aims to support you and provide you with information and resources you can use to answer your patients’ enquiries about My Health Record.

What is My Health Record?

My Health Record is a secure online summary of key health information such as medical history, medicines, allergies and adverse reactions, immunisations, hospital discharge summaries and reports from tests and scans.

For your patients and clients it means their important health information is kept together in one place that is accessible anytime by their authorised healthcare providers, including in a medical emergency.

What will My Health Record mean for my practice and my profession?

As more people use My Health Record and information in the system grows, it will help support clinical decision-making, decrease your search time for relevant information and improve continuity of care.

Clinical leadership is essential in the transformation of healthcare. Australia has a momentous opportunity to create the digital health infrastructure that will produce benefits long into the future.

How do I find out more?